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Medical man assists, advises companies and institutions in various sectors in getting in line with regulation with respect to first aid kits supplies.

We offer the service of coming out to the clients premises and inspecting and checking their current supplies if there are any and then updating and replenishing their stock

We do not charge for this service and we offer the added benefit of a representative coming out on a six weekly basis or sooner if needed to update and refill the kits.


  • stretchers
  • spineboards
  • evacuation chairs
  • examination couches
  • first aid kits for factories, vehicles, restaurants and homes
  • mine kits, sportsman kits, boat kits
  • diagnostic drug testing Kits
  • alcohol testing kits
  • breathalysers
  • medical disposables
  • fire extinguishers for the home business and vehicles
  • we supply all the items in the first aid kit individually or in a complete refill
  • educational posters on CPR and first aid and the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol
  • safety, fire and first aid signs
  • emergency and fire blankets
  • burn gel sachets and burn gel sprays

Our Service
  • We will check the current stock and remove the expired items
  • We will clean the first aid kits, make sure they are organized and user friendly.
  • We will replenish the kits to make sure they are in line with the regulation.
  • We advise on and supply all the Items for First aid rooms.
  • We will advise you on additional items that you may need that are not part of the regulation.
Click here to watch the video about medicalman first aid and medical supplies in Johannesburg.

Read up about first aid requirements in the workplace as laid out by The South African Labour Guide.

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