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Evacuation equipment

Spine board complete plastic


  • Plastic Spine Board
  • Spider Harnesses
  • Head Block immobiliser

Spider harness

  • Used to secure patient to a spinal board
  • Manufactured from quality nylon webbing
  • Available with Velcro tie

Double fold stretcher

  • Lightweight aluminium alloy framework
  • Double fold mechanism for easy storage
  • Mass: 10kg
  • Load bearing: 159kg

Single fold stretcher

Evacuation chair

  • Manufactured from high strength aluminium alloy
  • Utilised for evacuating patients down stairs in tall buildings
  • Single or dual person operation
  • Special wheel design provides excellent tracking and stability in confined spaces and in narrow stairwells
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Adjustable backrest ensures support for a range of patient heights
  • Front and “free-loading” back handles allow for two-person operation
  • Load bearing: 159kg

Scoop stretcher

  • Manufactured from high quality aluminium alloy material
  • Concave surface promotes patient stability when on stretcher
  • Quick release mechanism for easy assembly and disassembly. Stretcher can be separated into two halves, requiring less patient movement when loading
  • Stretcher length adjustable according to patient size
  • Adjustment range: 167-200cm
  • Maximum load: 159kg